Research Interests

Mainly, I am a PostDoc at the German department at the University of Cologne, specialising in formal diachronic syntax and semantics, and in particular in their interfaces.

In general, I try to understand how natural languages work, to what extent they can change and under what circumstances they are acquired. I approach these questions from a more broader perspective elaborating on the issue of why the human language is restricted in the way it is.

My research interests comprise, but are not limited to, the development, syntax, and semantics of adverbial clauses, the emergence of functional lexicon, habituality and its interaction with other grammatical categories.

Apart from that, I also regularly work on olfactory expressions across typologically (un-)related languages as well as on different specific language impairments, trying to figure out to what extent linguistic diversity is related to cognitive processes and cultural factors.

Research profile (keywords): syntax, semantics, language change, syntax-semantics-interface, dependent clauses, adverbial clauses, complement clauses, habituality, olfaction, specific language impairments

Moreover, I am member of the following societies: