Formal Diachronic Semantics 2With Chiara Gianollo, Ahswini DeoAlexandra Simonenko, Edit Doron and Nora Boneh (after the conference Formal Diachronic Semantics 2 in Saarbrücken, November 2017)

The Syntax-Morphology Interface in Generative GrammarWith Haidi Harley, Heejeong Ko, Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai, Victor Junnan PanMichael Barrie, Yoshio Endo, and many other nice colleagues … (Seoul, August 2017)The Genric NotebookWith Uli Sauerland, Veneeta Dayal, Linnaea Stockall, Matthew HusbandDimitra Lazaridou-ChatzigogaNapoleon Katsos, Manfred Krfika, M. Teresa Espinal, Fereshteh Modarresi & Katarzyna Stoltmann (after the workshop “The Generic Notebook: Current Approaches to Genericity” in Berlin, June 2017)

Berlin_with_Jaklin_June_2017With Jaklin Kornfilt, Berlin, June 2017

Die Linguistik der AnderenPanel discussion “Die Linguistik der Anderen” on different theoretical frameworks in linguistics, FU Berlin, March 2017 (with Stefan Hartmann) [taken by Martin Konvička] 2. Workshop "Germanistische Linguistik zwischen Köln und Tokio"2nd Workshop “Germanistische Linguistik zwischen Köln und Tokio”, Cologne, January 2017

Stellenbosch 201631st Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop, Stellenbosch, December 2016 (with: Elisabeth Witzenhausen, Melissa Farasyn & Andreas Pankau) [taken by Anastasia Giannakidou]

larryklaus_october_2016With Laurence R. Horn & Klaus von Heusinger, Cologne, October 2016

unadjustednonraw_thumb_3bWorkshop “The Linguistics of Olfaction” at the 49th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, Naples, August 2016 (with Malika Reetz & Przemysław Staniewski)

With Donna, Mexico City, August 2016Syntax of the World’s Languages VII, Mexico City, August 2016 (with Donna B. Gerdts)