31 Aug

I am very happy that my abstract “On (the diachrony of) jakoby-clauses in Polish” has been accepted for an oral presentation with five positive reviews (3x strong accept + 2x accept) for the next Formal Description of Slavic Languages conference...
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2 Aug

Course evaluation: University of Cologne

In the summer semester 2017, I taught a basic course at the University of Cologne. It was entitled “Einführung in die Sprachwissenschaft” (Introduction to Linguistics) and designed for undergraduate students. I asked students to evalute the course. Here you can...
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30 Jul

New collaboration: An introduction book

I am very happy to announce that Augustin Speyer and I decided to write together an introduction book to the non-finite syntax of German. Both of us have taught courses on selected aspects of the German infinitival system and experienced...
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