Adverbial clauses and their dependency relationships

Project details

  • Full title: Adverbial clauses and subordinate dependency relationships
  • Project format: scientific network
  • Subject area: Humanities

  • Funding institution: German Science Foundation
  • Funding period: 03/2021 – 02/2024
  • Number of workshops: 6 (University of Cologne x2, University of Göttingen x1, University of Tübingen x1, University of Konstanz x1, University of Hamburg x1)
  • Principal investigator: Łukasz Jędrzejowski, University of Cologne, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Department of German Language and Literature I – Linguistics
  • E-mail address:

Brief project description

The main aim of this network project is to investigate adverbial clauses and their dependency relationships from a synchronic, diachronic and typological perspective, and to provide a deeper understanding of subordinate clauses in general. Questions addressed during the individual meetings concern, among many others, dependency relationships between the adverbial clause and the matrix clause, the development and variation of adverbial clauses, their non-canonical uses, e.g. as adnominal adverbial clauses or as adverbial argument clauses, etc. The main focus is on Celtic, Germanic, Romance and Slavic languages.

Network members (in alphabetical order)

Invited speakers and guests (in alphabetical order)

Associate network members (in alphabetical order)

Members’ publications (from 2021 on)

  • Umbach, Carla / Stefan Hinterwimmer & Helmar Gust (2021): German wie-complements. Manners, methods and events in progress. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory [DOI].
  • Bücking, Sebastian (to appear): The grammar of PP-like free relatives: Evidence from subordinate wo-clauses in German. Linguistic Inquiry [Link].