Adverbial clauses and their dependency relationships

Project details

  • Full title: Adverbial clauses and subordinate dependency relationships
  • Project format: scientific network
  • Subject area: Humanities

  • Funding institution: German Science Foundation
  • Funding period: 11/2021 – 10/2024
  • Number of workshops: 6 (University of Cologne x2, University of Göttingen x1, University of Tübingen x1, University of Konstanz x1, University of Hamburg x1)
  • Principal investigator: Łukasz Jędrzejowski, University of Cologne, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Department of German Language and Literature I – Linguistics

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Brief project description

The main aim of this network project is to investigate adverbial clauses and their dependency relationships from a synchronic, diachronic and typological perspective, and to provide a deeper understanding of subordinate clauses in general. Questions addressed during the individual meetings concern, among many others, dependency relationships between the adverbial clause and the matrix clause, the development and variation of adverbial clauses, their non-canonical uses, e.g. as adnominal adverbial clauses or as adverbial argument clauses, etc. The main focus is on Celtic, Germanic, Romance and Slavic languages.

Future events

– 21st April 2023: workshop On the Syntax of Adverbial Clauses in Insular Scandinavian and Övdalian organized by Łukasz Jędrzejowski and Ásgrímur Angantýsson, University of Cologne, invited speakers (all confirmed):

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Please register online until April 16, 2023 by writing an email with the subject line “Registration” to our conference email:

– October 2023: pre-workshop on adverbial clauses in creole and pidgin languages organized by Łukasz Jędrzejowski, University of Göttingen

– October 2023: third international conference on adverbial clauses, organized by Łukasz Jędrzejowski, Mailin Antomo, Andreas Blümel & Marco Coniglio, University of Göttingen

Network members (in alphabetical order)

Invited speakers and guests (in alphabetical order)

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Members’ publications


  • Badan, Linda & Liliane Haegeman: The syntax of peripheral adverbial clauses. Journal of Linguistics [DOI].
  • Chen, Yuqiu / Maik Thalmann & Mailin Antomo: Presupposition triggers and (not-)at-issueness: Insights from language acquisition into the soft-hard distinction. Journal of Pragmatics 199: 21–46; [DOI].
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  • Jędrzejowski, Łukasz: Zu Entstehungsumständen von mirativen um-zu-Sätzen im Deutschen, in: Paths through meaning and form. Festschrift offered to Klaus von Heusinger on the occasion of his 60th birthday ed. by Chiara Gianollo / Łukasz Jędrzejowski & Sofiana I. Lindemann, 134–137. Köln: Universitäts- und Stadtbibliothek Köln [pdf], [DOI].
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  • Antomo, Mailin / Yuqiu Chen & Maik Thalmann: (Un)Selbstständigkeit von Sätzen und Main Point of Utterance: Appositive Relativsätze und deren Erwerb. In: Neues zur Selbstständigkeit von Sätzen (Linguistische Berichte Sonderheft 30) ed. by Robert Külpmann & Rita Finkbeiner, 257–279 [abstract].
  • Bücking, Sebastian: The grammar of PP-like free relatives: Evidence from subordinate wo-clauses in German. Linguistic Inquiry [Link].
  • Umbach, Carla / Stefan Hinterwimmer & Helmar Gust: German wie-complements. Manners, methods and events in progress. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory [DOI].

Past event

  • 27th and 28th January 2023: second international conference on adverbial clauses: On the Diachrony of Adverbial Clauses organized by Łukasz Jędrzejowski and Sam Featherston, University of Tübingen, invited speakers: Theresa Biberauer (University of Cambridge) & Augustin Speyer (Saarland University)

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January 27 (Friday)

Opening remarks
Łukasz Jędrzejowski (University of Cologne, Germany)
Chair: Gianluca Porta (Ulster University, UK)
10:30–11:30: Reinforcing edges: adverbial developments in Afrikaans
Theresa Biberauer (University of Cambridge, UK / Stellenbosch University, SA)
11:30–12:00: Refreshment break
12:00–13:00: On different types of adverbial clauses appearing outside of their hosts
Werner Frey (formerly at Leibniz-ZAS, Berlin, Germany)
13:00–15:00: Lunch break
Chair: Qiuhao Charles Yan (Queen Mary University of London, UK)
15:00–16:00: On similative clauses in Germanic
Marta Massaia (Utrecht University, Netherlands)
16:00–17:00: Some observations on ‘how’ in Lower Sorbian
Andreas Pankau (Free University of Berlin, Germany)

January 28 (Saturday)

Chair: Constanze Fleczoreck (Leibniz University Hannover, Germany)
10:00–11:00 Boring integration, exciting independence. On the role of informativity for integration of adverbial clauses
Augustin Speyer (Saarland University, Germany)
11:00–12:00: Then and now: three relic functions of że ‘that’ in present-day spoken Polish
Wojciech Guz (University of Lublin, Poland)
12:00–12:30: Concluding remarks and future plans
Łukasz Jędrzejowski (University of Cologne, Germany)
12:30–14:30: Lunch break
14:30–18:00: Round-table discussions / individual meetings of network members
  • 20th-21st May 2022: first international conference on adverbial clauses between subordination and coordination [CfP1] [CfP2] [schedule] [poster]

May 20 (Friday)

Opening remarks and introduction
Łukasz Jędrzejowski (University of Cologne)
Chair: Giuseppina di Bartolo (University of Cologne)
09:10–10:10: The typology of adverbial clauses and the role of discourse syntax
Liliane Haegeman (Ghent University, Belgium)
10:10–10:40: On some types of adverbial clauses appearing outside of their hosts
Werner Frey (Leibniz-ZAS, Berlin, Germany)
The talk has been canceled on short notice – we have an additional refreshment break and do not change the schedule.
10:40–11:10: A bi-dimensional account for adverbial clauses between discourse and grammar: Constructional-illocutionary taxonomy and discourse-communicative information structure
Hasmik Jivanyan (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
11:10–11:30: Refreshment break
Chair: Timo Buchholz (University of Cologne)
11:30–12:00 Remarks on adnominal conditional clauses and beyond
Andreas Blümel (University of Göttingen, Germany)
12:00–12:30: Free adjunction and the distribution of Japanese -to adverbial clauses (online talk via Zoom)
Takashi Munakata (Yokoahama National University, Japan)
12:30–14:30: Lunch break
Chair: Jakob Maché (University of Lisbon)
14:30–15:00: Central adverbial clauses are integrated in the structure right above vP
Wellington Souza de Paula (State University of Campinas, Brazil)
15:00–15:30: Merge vs. Move in central and peripheral adverbial clauses in Chinese. Evidence from intervention effect
Marco Casentini (University of Rome, Italy) / Giorgio Carella (University of Roma Tre, Italy) & Mara Frascarelli (University of Roma Tre, Italy)
15:30–16:00: Subject vs object binding as evidence for degrees of clausal subordination
Sophie von Wietersheim (Unversity of Göttingen, Germany) & Sam Featherston (University of Tübingen, Germany):
16:00–16:20: Refreshment break
Chair: Łukasz Jędrzejowski (University of Cologne)
16:20–16:50: On the interpretability of epistemic modal operators in event-related adverbial clauses
Jakob Maché (University of Lisbon, Portugal)
16:50–17:20: P or not P – not really a question: A fresh view on the complement/adjunct distinction
Hagen Pitsch (University of Göttingen, Germany)
17:20–18:20: Just Pairmerge: Are adjuncts syntactically defined by operations or
(also as an online talk via Zoom)
Ken Safir (Rutgers University, USA)

May 21 (Saturday)

Sophie von Wietersheim (Unversity of Göttingen)
Parataxis to Hypotaxis – (How) does it ever happen?
Regine Eckardt (University of Konstanz, Germany)
10:00–10:30: Times and events in temporal clauses
Caroline Heycock (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)
10:30–10:50: Refreshment break
Chair: Andreas Pankau (Free University of Berlin)
10:50–11:20: On exceptive nema-clauses in Icelandic
Oddur Snorrason (University of Cambridge, UK) / Ásgrímur Angantýsson (University of Iceland, Iceland) & Łukasz Jędrzejowski (University of Cologne, Germany)
11:20–11:50 On coordinate converbs
Ekaterina Georgieva (Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics, Hungary)
11:50–13:30: Lunch break
Chair: Oddur Snorrason (University of Cambridge)
13:30–14:00: Left-right asymmetries in conditional clause attachment and multiple complementizers
Nicola Munaro (University of Venice, Italy)
14:00–14:30: Extraction from clausal adjuncts in Czech: A rating study
Radek Šimík / Petr Biskup / Kateřina Bartasová / Markéta Dančová / Eliška Dostálková / Kateřina Hrdinková / Gabriela Kosková / Jaromír Kozák / Klára Lupoměská / Albert Maršík / Edita Schejbalová & Illia Yekimov (Charles University, Czech Republic)
14:30–15:00: A copy-raising analysis of proleptic wie-clauses in German
Andreas Pankau (Free University of Berlin, Germany)
15:00–15:20: Refreshment break
Chair: Ekaterina Georgieva (Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics)
15:20–15:50: Adverbial clauses: Not that much of an issue?
Jet Hoek (Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
15:50–16:20: Depictive manner complements
Carla Umbach (University of Cologne, Germany)
16:20–16:50: Resisting the adverbial temptation: On Hingeh-und-structures in German
Sebastian Bücking (University of Siegen, Germany)
16:50–17:10: Refreshment break
Chair: Łukasz Jędrzejowski (University of Cologne)
17:10–18:10: What adverbials and adverbial clauses may teach us about quantification (online talk via Zoom)
Richard K. Larson (Stony Brook University, USA)
18:10–18:20: Concluding remarks and future plans
Łukasz Jędrzejowski (University of Cologne)
  • 17th December 2021: online kickoff workshop of the project [slides]