News & Updates

Course evaluation: University of Cologne

In the summer semester 2017, I taught a basic course at the University of Cologne. It was entitled “Einführung in die Sprachwissenschaft” (Introduction to Linguistics) and designed for undergraduate students. I asked students to evalute the course. Here you can find their comments.

Notification of acceptance: Talk on the development of prospective adverbial clauses

I’m thrilled to be allowed to deliver a talk at the conference Meaning in Flux: Connecting Development, Variation, and Change at Yale University in October of 2017. My talk will be on the development of prospective adverbial clauses. The main aim is to show that prospective adverbial clauses usually develop out of purpose adverbial clauses. I’ll illustrate that this development is a cross-linguistic diachronic pattern attested in many languages, and elaborate on the question of what semantic and pragmatic factors pave the way for this development.

New collaboration: An introduction book

I am very happy to announce that Augustin Speyer and I decided to write together an introduction book to the non-finite syntax of German. Both of us have taught courses on selected aspects of the German infinitival system and experienced that an introduction book to this topic is missing and needed. We intend to fill this gap. We haven’t decided yet in which publishing house the book will be published. Stay tuned for more information!

New publication: Grammaticalization of “versprechen” in German

I am happy to announce that my new paper has been published with the Oxford University Press. The paper is entitled “On the grammaticalization of temporal-aspectual heads. The case of German versprechen ‘promise’” and it appeared in the volume Micro-change and Macro-change in Diachronic Syntax co-edited by Robert Truswell & Éric Mathieu. The volume goes back to the 15th Diachronic Generative Syntax Conference that took place at the University of Ottawa (Canada) in August of 2013.

New publication: Book on the diachrony of infinitives

Last week I learnt that my new book entitled Infinitives at the Syntax-Semantics Interface: A Diachronic Perspective co-edited with Ulrike Demske (University of Potsdam) was published. The book emerged out of a workshop that we organized at the 46th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea at the University of Split (Croatia) in September of 2013. In addition to this collection, we also guest-edited a special issue in Journal of Historical Linguistics on a similar topic.

Notification of acceptance: The Linguistics of Olfaction

It is my great pleasure to announce that I’ll be guest-editing a typological volume entitled “The Linguistics of Olfaction” together with my colleague Przemysław Staniewski (University of Wrocław). The intended collection is a result of a workshop that we organized together with Malika Reetz (University of Potsdam) at the 49th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea at the University of Naples in August of 2016. The volume will appear in the series Typological Studies in Language with John Benjamins and encompass approx. 20 contributions by over 30 authors. Stay tuned for more information!

New publication: Special issue on complementation

I am thrilled to announce that special issue New Insights into the Syntax and Semantics of Complementation guest-edited by myself appeared in the section Historical Syntax of Language, journal of Linguistic Society of America. The special issue emerged out of a workshop that I organized together with Kerstin Schwabe and Mathias Schenner at the University of Oslo in August of 2013 at the 21st International Conference on Historical Linguistics and consists of the papers by Katrin Axel-Tober, Ira Eberhardt, Roland Meyer and my short introduction to the topic.

Invited talk: Saarbrücken

I feel honoured to be allowed to give a guest talk at the Saarland University (Germany) in July of 2017. The talk will be on the diachronic semantics of adverbial clauses.