News & Updates

Notification of Acceptance: Talks at ICHL 22

I’m glad to announce that I’m allowed to deliver two talks at the next International Conference on Historical Linguistics to be held at University of Naples (Italy). The first talk entitled “On the development of the infinitival marker zu ‘to’ in the history of German. A corpus-based analysis” is a joint talk with Katrin Goldschmidt. The second talk “Somebody that I used to know, or: How do habitual verbal heads emerge? The case of German pflegen ‘use(d) to’” will present results of a joint work with Lisa Wietholz.

Notification of Acceptance: FASL 24 Talk

I am happy to announce that my abstract ‘Don’t regret anymore! On the semantic change of the clause-embedding predicate żałować ‘regret’ in Polish’ has been accepted for an oral talk presentation at the conference Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics 24 (FASL 24) to be held at the New York University in May of 2015. Below you can find comments of three anonymous reviewers:

Reviewer 1: “Interesting paper and very well laid out. Definitely accept. And we can always do with more diachronic syntax at FASL!”

Reviewer 2: “An interesting paper with a diachronic component to it.”

Reviewer 3: “An interesting abstract – presenting a sound analysis in both synchronic and diachronic terms.”

Teaching: Winter Semester 2015/16

In the winter semester 2015/16 I will be teaching two extensive courses at the University of Potsdam. Both of them are concerned with grammatical categories in German and its history. On the undergraduate level I will try to explain to what extent language change and language acquisition are related to each other. The course for graduate students, in turn, will focus on adverbial clauses. My main aim is to illustrate what kinds of adverbial clauses exist in Modern German and, in particular, how they developed.