News & Updates

Notification of Acceptance: Conference Talk

I am very happy to be allowed to announce that my abstract “Some observations on the semantic shift of the clause-embedding predicate żałować ‘regret’ in Polish” has been accepted for the conference Formal Diachronic Semantic (FoDS 2016) to be held at the University of Konstanz (Germany) in September of 2016. Additionally, I will attend a tutorial  on corpus methods in historical semantics.

Notification of Acceptance: New Paper

This week, my colleague, Elisabeth Berner, and I learned that our paper Deutsch-slawischer Sprachkontakt im Südbrandenburgischen has been accepted for publication in Jahrbuch für Germanistische Sprachgeschichte guest-edited by Claudia Wich-Reif. Our paper is concerned with the issue of to what extent Sorbian influenced a Brandenburgian dialect spoken in the south of Brandenburg. We illustrate that the fruits of this language contact can be observed on all linguistics levels, also in the syntax.

Notification of Acceptance: Conference Talk

I am very happy to announce that my abstract Case-specifying conditionals in Germanic has been accepted for oral presentation at the 31st Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop, which will take place at the Stellenbosch University in South Africa in December of 2016. In addition, there will be a pre-CGSW workshop on “New approaches to synchronic and diachronic comparative generative syntax” presented by Theresa Biberauer, Ian Roberts, Mara Frascarelli & Roland Hinterhölzl. I am looking forward to the conference, the workshop and, of course, to the summer weather!

Travel Grant

I am delighted to be allowed to announce that I received a travel grant of 1900€ from the Potsdam Graduate School for the participation in the conference Syntax of the World’s Languages VII to be held at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in August of 2016.