News & Updates: Publications

Notification of Acceptance: FASL 23 Paper

I learned today that my paper “On tensed modals in Polish” has been accepted for publication in Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics 23 co-edited by Darya Kavitskaya. I’m indebted to two anonymous reviewers, Elly van Gelderen, Pierre-Yves Modicom and Małgorzata Szajbel-Keck for their interesting and thought-provoking remarks.

Notification of Acceptance: Journal Article

I learned today that my new paper “On the loss of copy-raising and the development of infinitive complements. The case of German beginnen ‘begin’” has been accepted for publication in Journal of Historical Linguistics. The paper is expected to appear in March/April of 2015. At this point, I would like to thank four anonymous reviewers for their extensive… Read more »